The Administrator


Charis Consulting Limited, a management consultancy and training firm based in Tema, is the new Administrator of the Trust Fund. Charis Consulting Limited took over the Administrator position in May 2020 with a new vision to consolidate the progress made so far, reform the operation of the organization, grow the investment fund and achieve value for money on approved projects.

The Administrator performs its functions on behalf of the Trustees of the Ghanaman CRG Trust Fund which includes:

  • Receiving applications for revision and reviewing of CRG contributions by USADF grantees.
  • Overseeing the collection of Community Reinvestment Grant (CRG) monies from USADF grantees with assistance of a bailiff designated by the Trustees.
  • Drafting and placing advertisements in the appropriate print media to solicit and screen applications for grants for community projects and provide technical support for improving applications
  • Preparing summaries of applications to include due diligence reports and submit for grant decisions as per Trustees meeting calendar at least three times a year.
  • Conducting monitoring and evaluation on all projects for which grants have been given by Ghanaman CRG.
  • Preparing the annual budget of the Fund and liaising with the Auditors of the fund for annual auditing of the Ghanaman CRG Trust Fund.
  • Liaising with Trustees to publish the annual report of the Trust and assisting in the annual external audit of the Trust.