Not Eligible



  • Salaries and operating expenses of any institution/structure
  • Sponsorship to attend meetings/courses.
  • Support for conferences will be contingent on the ability to prove long term measurable results
  • Private enterprises, private schools etc.
  • Religious activities
  • Sporting/Recreational activities.
  • the creation or dissemination of political propaganda, or any attempt to influence legislation or any government act or decision;
  • the participation in any political campaign on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for public office;
  • any application of funds that constitutes, or could reasonably be expected to constitute, a conflict of interest; and
  • any application to finance commodities that do not, or could reasonably not be expected to make a positive contribution to development, including the following:
    • unsafe or ineffective products, such as certain pesticides, food products, or pharmaceuticals;
    • certain luxury goods such as alcoholic beverages and equipment or products for their production or use, equipment or supplies for gambling facilities, and firearms; and
    • any application of funds that violates, or could reasonably be expected to violate, the provisions of and enforcement of any law