Eligibility Criteria


Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Citizens Associations, Rural Based Business Associations , Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Rural people’s Organizations including Cooperatives, Unit Committees etc.


Organizations must have:

  • Official recognition (legally registered, recognition by District Assembly etc)
  • Should have been in existence for at least 2years.
  • Must show evidence of previously successful projects undertaken 
  • Must show some cooperation with either the District and Local authorities or other organizations in the area
  • Must have appropriate procedures that ensure financial transparency and accountability.


Eligibility of Projects

Proposed project must be:

  • already started – funds are not provided to start new projects;
  • have a strong community support group;
  • improve economic and social conditions at the local level;
  • involve a significant contribution in labour, materials or money freely given by members of the local community; and
  • Be within the general means of the local community to operate and maintain.