Upon submission of application by Grantees, the Administrator reviews all applications to ensure that applications fall within Trust’s focus areas, secondly to ascertain the veracity of claims made by the applicants and also to verify the authenticity of documents submitted. Further information and documents are requested from applicants in case the Administrator is not satisfied with the initial ones submitted.

All applications considered successful by the Administrator are sent to the board of Trustees for final review and approval.



The Administrator undertakes due diligence on projects approved by the board of Trustees. Due diligence is carried out on the site of the proposed project to give the Administrator first-hand information about the location of the project and to seek further information about the project.

A comprehensive report on the due diligence is later compiled by the Administrator and sent to the Trustees for review and approval. Depending on the recommendation of the Trustees, an application may proceed to the next stage or be put on hold if Trustees are not satisfied with the information available for decision making.

On all occasions applicants are duly notified on the progress of application. Applications which do not qualify at the first phase or after due diligence are formally communicated to on the reasons for their disqualification.

Once a project is approved by the Trustees, a contribution agreement stating the terms and conditions of the grants award is signed between the Trustees and the applying organization here after called grantee.



The first tranche of funds is released to grantees for the commencement of the project. The amount released is based on the work plan submitted to the Administrator.
Beyond the regular correspondences that exist between the Administrator and grantees, grantees are mandated to submit a quarterly report on the progress of activities indicating in the report receipts and payments for all purchases and the Bank statement of the account into which the money was transferred.

To ensure value for money and to prevent the possibility of abuse of funds the Administrator embarks on monitoring and evaluation on all the projects funded. This exercise affords the Administrator an opportunity to interact with the major stakeholders of the project.

After reporting on the due diligence to Trustees, the last tranche of money is released to the grantees to complete their projects.

The Trustees reserve the right to truncate the transfer of the second tranche if it is established that grantees have abused or misapplied previous funds.

Upon completion of the project, grantees in collaboration with the Trust commission the various projects to serve the needs of the intended beneficiaries.



Amongst other things programmes and projects will be selected for consideration if they:

  • Show community involvement
  • Have strong accountability & control measures
  • Will benefit so many people
  • Have the potential for sustainability