The Ghanaman Community Reinvestment Grant (CRG) Trust Fund is the direct outcome of the United States African Development Foundation’s (USADF) involvement in Ghana over a period of 10 years, during which time the agency promoted grassroots community-based development by providing small grants and loans to organizations and privately held small and medium enterprises that have links to community or farm-based organizations.

The agency provided grants of up to US$100,000 to organizations for establishing and strengthening management systems and thereafter, made available up to US$250,000 in grants to these same organisations for expansion.  A key component for the expansion funding was a pledge by these organisations (the Grantees) to contribute a small percentage of the grants (i.e. 15-25%) into a Trust Fund to be reinvested in various community-based development projects around the country.
The establishment of the Ghanaman Community Reinvestment Grants (CRG) Trust Fund was facilitated by USADF in 2009 to carry out the mission of investing the contributions from the Grantees into community-based development.



The mission of the Trust Fund is to fund and promote community-based development projects in Ghana in order to alleviate poverty, solve social problems, economically empower rural communities etc. through funding and promotion of community based development projects.

To achieve these, the Trust collects contributions from ADF Grantees in respect of grants made by USADF,   maintains and manages the Trust’s Funds and makes these funds available to eligible local community development organisations.



Ghanaman Community Reinvestment Grant (CRG) Trust Fund is inspired by the fact that development of appropriate solutions to community problems if done in partnership with potential beneficiaries will yield desired results. For this reason, the Trust will readily provide the requisite funding to support community initiated projects